Face leather necklace by Nenuka Paradise


Sterling Silver & Leather
Handmade necklace, as a rich composition real leather and sterling silver chain.

Materials: Real Leather/Sterling Silver/Brass
Color: Black

LEATHER SEDUCTION Collection, with a final rock taste!
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STERLING 925 SILVER jewels can ghange its color and brightness over time, with the use use or also depending on how we store them. Factors such as sweat, chlorine water, perfume or cosmetics may alter the brightness or color. *** It is always advisable to apply make up and perfume before put on your jewlery. Please also remmber to remove them before take a bath. *** Store your jewelry in a cool and dry place. If posible store them in a individual soft sac in order to protect them against rubbing, wet and prolonged exposure time to direct light. *** You can always clean your jewelry with wáter and soap free detergent. Dry jewels well afterwards. *** If you are using chemically treated cloth, specific for cleaning silver, remember that these easily return the shine to your jewelry, but can also strip off the dark color we give to some of our designs with manual processing of oxidation. *** TAKE CARE of your jewelry as your own skin.

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